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Samuel Lee


Sam Lee

Born in 1987, Samuel Lee a.k.a. “SammAyOnTheBeat” was raised in the Bronx. Growing up, Lee had a natural affinity for creating something from nothing, and he found a channel for this creativity when his cousin introduced him to the production software Fruityloops.

By high school, SammAyOnTheBeat was fully immersed in music production, and, soon after graduation, Lee began collaborating with local artists in NYC, providing him with a greater knowledge of the music world in both recording and production. During this time, Lee began his career in sound engineering and decided to apply to the Institute of Audio Research (IAR) to further pursue it.

By 2008, he began working for Smash Studios and Daddy’s House Recording Studio (DHRS). Lee impressively managed to book his own session a week after he began working for DHRS, and, subsequently, this led to many more bookings. At the same time, Lee also was collaborating with various artists, songwriters and producers including G-Dep, Lil Cease, Royce 5’9, Marina Chello, Cassie, Cristyle, Lashawn Daniels, Shannon, DMile, Battle Roy, Rob Holladay, Mary Brown, Dawn Richard, K Young and Rell.

More recently, Lee – along with two other partners – started a production company called Keys to Heart. Keys to Heart works to curate concerts, musicals and several other projects for their own and affiliate artists. For more information, visit, and check out some of Lee’s latest and amazing work. Please LISTEN to his Producer’s Toolbox tracks too!

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