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Flavorlab Sound Award™


HOW IT STARTED: Flavorlab understands that young, up-and-coming film makers don’t always have access to Hollywood-sized budgets. The Sound Award Program pairs these film makers with Flavorlab’s talented group of young audio engineers. Under the guidance of our senior mixing department, these engineers are able to hone their skills on high-quality film projects. The result is professional audio-post production at a fraction of the cost.

HOW IT WORKS: Projects are selected based on the following criteria: scope of work, creative voice and timeline. Applicants that are selected will receive their final mix no less than 2 months from date of picture-locked audio delivery. Your application will be reviewed by our team of audio engineers.

HOW IT CAN HELP YOU: If your project is nearing completion and you are looking for professional audio at a flexible rate, our SoundAward™ Program may be able to help you.

HOW TO APPLY: Simply fill out the application below! Please allow up to 48 hours for someone from our team to get back to you.

What is the title of your film? (If it doesn’t have a name yet, please type “Untitled.”)

Please provide us with a brief 25 word description of the film.

What is the length of your project?

What is the total film budget?

What is the total approved audio budget?

What is the Music Budget?

How much Sound Design is required?

How would you rate the location/source sound?

How much ADR or Voice Over is required?


What are your audio deliverables?

Please provide your website and/or a list of credits here if you have.

Do you know what your deadline date is for delivery? Is there any flexibility?

Can you email a link of your project to

Is there any other information about the film’s timetable, deliverables, or creative concept you’d like to share with us?

If you believe the film will generate revenue, are you open to sharing points on the film?

Thank you for applying.

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