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Nickelodeon and Flavorlab’s trophy cabinets got a little more crowded after they took home a Cynopsis Kids Imagination Gold and a Promax Gold for the “Loud House” promotional short “The Loud Song,” featuring original music by the Flavorlab production team.

“[Nickelodeon’s] Simone Smith came to us with a concrete vision, which always keeps the production on track – getting to take a nursery rhyme and turn it into a jam. That’s fun for everyone.” said Flavorlab producer and composer of “The Loud Song” Dennis Dembeck. My favorite thing that we did – from a technical perspective – was not relying on the technology, like time-stretching, to shape the song. We shaped it around how fast Ryan [Hobler, the vocalist brought in for the demo] could actually sing. So as musicians we set the tempo and actually played out the acceleration, which gave it more of a natural feel than if we’d just taken the same backing track and sped it up every time.” Dennis and Ryan were accompanied by Flavorlab founders Erik Blicker and Glenn Schloss on bass and drums, respectively.

“Ryan’s articulation was key and he was the perfect choice on vocals, he’s a total pro and he nailed it. Generally with cut downs on television, we’re able to cut and paste the music against the grid because everything is locked to a click track, but in this case, we had to lay down all the drums in real time since there were so many varying tempos. Jamming on this rock track was a lot of fun!” said Glenn.

The Nick team signed off on the demo, and Erik and Glenn jumped in with Dennis to mold the track into a perfect fit for the short. Ryan Hobler was called on again to provide vocals after an extremely positive reception from the Nick team.

“The lyrics and the tempo were faster than anything I’ve sang before and, at first, I didn’t think I would be able to do it, to be honest! But I’m a huge fan of puzzles and a stubborn solver so I tried to figure this one out. The song became sort of a physical challenge with the tongue-twisting, alliterative words and the breakneck pace, and I had a real fun time solving it,” said Ryan.

“We initially created several demos of the song in an pop-punk style,” said Erik. “The original ‘Loud House’ theme song was produced by Eric Valentine, who is a leader in producing that style of music, and we learned a lot on this project by studying his techniques and applying them to our production process. For example, we re-miked Glenn’s snare drum through a guitar amp to give it that characteristic extra pop.”

When Nickelodeon rolled out the final version of the spot, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the musical bumpers chosen for the beginning and end were composed and sound designed by Flavorlab’s own Bumi Hidaka, meaning Flavorlab was involved with the spot’s audio on every front.

“My priority when doing bumpers is to understand the individual aesthetics of each network – in this case Nickelodeon – to make sure that the sound design and the instrumentation of the music is anchored by the core identity of the brand,” said Bumi..

Flavorlab is thrilled to congratulate Simone Smith, Richard Barry and the entire “Loud Song” team on this well-deserved accolade.