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Flavorlab Sound’s Holiday Wrap Up 2021

The social image for Flavorlab's 2021 Holiday Wrap Up where we cover all our holiday projects this year! The background includes images from films "Mistletoe in Montana," "Holiday in Santa Fe," "A Holiday in Harlem," "Next Stop, Christmas," "Sugar Plum Twist," "Soul Santa," and "Reba McEntire's Christmas In Tune," as well as a poster for Audible's "The Christmas Pig" by J.K. Rowling & an image from the 2021 promotions of the Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular. These are overlaid with a red and gold transparent gradient overlaid with the Flavorlab logo and the words "Holiday Wrap Up 2021" in white.
Our busiest Christmas season yet!

Before the bags are packed, out of office messages set, and final rapid tests are taken, we’re looking back on another long season in the audio post workshop. Starting in June, the crunching of snow and sparkle of joy in the air filled the studios of our engineers. Since the move to remote, 2021 brought improved home setups and further honed audio post processes. More engineers joined in to meet the need, lending their hands and ears to the holiday merry making. It was a season of new partnerships, with companies like Audible, and a reunion of longtime collaboration in Hartbreak Films, Synthetic Cinema International, and the Madison Square Garden company.

“2021 was the most demanding holiday run yet. We did more Christmas films than we’ve ever done in the past.”

Brian Quill, Head of Audio Post

Surpassing last year’s record, seven Yuletide television films graced our desks this year. On Hallmark, viewers take a magical train ride in Next Stop, Christmas, a nod to Back To The Future, starring Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. “It was a lot of fun traveling back in time with these actors again,” said engineer, Eric Stern. “And part of that is the transition from a modern rail set to a steam train in the film. I got to get really creative building sound design of a different era.” The network also brought romance to the dude ranch in Mistletoe in Montana, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Duane Henry. And, for a story just a northbound A train away, A Holiday In Harlem starring Olivia Washington, Will Adams, and Tina Lifford.

On Lifetime, Reba McEntire and John Schneider reunite behind the mic in Christmas In Tune and Mario Lopez woos greeting card executive Emeraude Toubia with the hometown charm of Casa de Milagros in Holiday in Santa Fe. Flavorlab saw our first films on BET+ and Hallmark Movies Now with a mall Santa hiding from the mob in Soul Santa, starring David and Tamela Mann, and salsa and ballet mash up, Sugar Plum Twist, starring Jamie Gray Hyder and Laura Rosguer, respectively. In addition to sound design and mix work in film, the team mixed promotions for the 2021 Rockettes Christmas Spectacular and Audible’s newest festive children’s offering The Christmas Pig.

Now to light a fire and ring in the solstice. Wishing you a joyful holiday season. Until next year!

Pour some nog & check out our work below:

Next Stop, Christmas

Reba McEntire’s Christmas In Tune

The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

Holiday in Santa Fe

Soul Santa

Mistletoe in Montana

A Holiday In Harlem

Sugar Plum Twist

The Christmas Pig for Audible

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