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NBA 2020 Restart

The NBA’s announced the 2020 season restart


After postponing playoffs, the NBA is resuming its 2020 season starting July 30th. The league released this promo, created by Skitch Design Group, to announce the start date. Skitch teamed up with Flavorlab Sound & Flavorlab Score to provide original score, sound design, and mix for the announcement.

Goals & Process

The Skitch team asked for an uptempo percussion track. The references were made up of scores utilizing energetic, at times erratic, drum fills and rhythmic, dynamic ad spots. The announcement is text heavy, laying out exactly what viewers can expect in the coming months. The score and sound design needed to highlight the text on screen. Flavorlab composer, Glenn Schloss, headed to the drum set intent on capturing that hyped and focused sound. He set the click to 120 and went wild. He laid down a variety of fills and break beats on the drum kit. Then, he added electronic drums to modernize the sound in the box. From there, Schloss and the Skitch team went back and forth on edits to create an arrangement that fit in with the ever shifting visual.

Editing didn’t stop there. Once the spot got to head of audio post, Brian Quill, he locked the fills in with each word of the cut. Brian added swells and risers leading into transitions. The score runs away under shots of the court with added sound design hits to underline each word. To put the viewer in the arena, Brian weaved in past commentary and crowd sounds.


The promo launched a couple weeks before the July 30th start date. It accompanied an article from the NBA on the details of the new season.

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