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The Power of Music – Producer’s Toolbox Spring 2020 Releases

Producer’s Toolbox is here for you with new music in these uncertain times. In an effort to support effective, impactful content we are offering a 20% discount for tracks licensed for COVID-19 related projects. Find some of our best minimal, inspirational tracks below:

Quarantine Inspiration Playlist: 20% Off Producer's Toolbox Tracks Licensed for COVID-19 Related Projects - Spring 2020 Releases

Quarantine Inspiration

We understand the need to foster empathy and action in times like these. As this pandemic continues, let us help you enhance your message. Our 20% off initiative is not limited to this playlist. For more options, contact our licensing team about your COVID-19 projects!

We’re also in full bloom with three new albums and a brand new single:

Indie Classical Scores Volume 01 - Producer's Toolbox Spring 2020 Releases

Indie Classical Scores

A modern, bohemian take on classical scoring, featuring plucky double bass, violins, and piano.

Tremorland's 2083 - Producer's Toolbox Spring 2020 Releases


New Wave Synth Pop and futuristic soundscapes of old reinvented for the fresh sounds of the future.

Post Rock Soundscapes - Producer's Toolbox Spring 2020 Releases

Post Rock Soundscapes

Introspective and emotional rock featuring reverberant guitars, minimal percussion, and soothing pads.

Lay Me Down

Driving, wistful new folk pop single from Australian duo, Climbing Trees

For licensing, please contact or Click “Learn More” to find out more about our music supervision services. Get in touch with Flavorlab at “Contact Us” below.


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