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Music Supervision

Flavorlab provides music supervision services for film, television, and advertising productions. Services include:

Music Clearance & Consultancy

Creative Licensing

Custom Catalog Collaboration

The music supervision team will help you find the perfect song for any budget, whether through music clearance work utilizing our network of publishers, labels, and music houses, or via custom collaboration with our 300+ composers & producers in the Producer’s Toolbox community.

About The Team


Ricky Holman – Music Supervisor / Director of Licensing

Ricky Holman is a music supervisor and Associate member of the Guild of Music Supervisors. He was trained under GMS President Joel C. High, acting as music assistant and coordinator on a variety of projects across multiple mediums including feature films, short films, documentaries, and stage plays. Since then, he’s joined Flavorlab and supervised various projects for clients including Hallmark, Veronica Beard, Laura Mercier & Zimmermann. Ricky’s ultimate goal is to intersect music supervision with music discovery, using synchronization opportunities as a catalyst to propel undiscovered artists and create meaningful artist-brand associations.

Kyle Guffey – Music Coordinator

Kyle Guffey is a composer, producer, and songwriter with a passion for melody, storytelling, and arranging and adapting themes across genres. She aims to be transparent in her work to more meaningfully connect with her partners, projects, and audience. She received her Bachelor’s in Commercial Composition and Production from the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music ’17, taking on internships at Zync Music and Mophonics Music & Sound in Manhattan, as well as winning a seat at GameSoundCon 2016 as a G.A.N.G. Scholar. Since joining Flavorlab in 2018, she’s applied her production skills to the music supervision space, coordinating and editing music to picture as well as assiting in various music clearances.

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