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Singled Out

Trailer for Singled Out on mobile platform, Quibi

The Project

With the launch of mobile streaming app, Quibi, Viacom wanted to reboot the popular 90s dating show, Singled Out. Flavorlab Sound provided sound design and mix for the series.

Goals & Process

The new version of the show embraces the age of dating apps, with contestants weighing face to face interactions, as well as online come ons. Similar to the original, the show begins with 30 suitors. After some crowd rousing and participation, only three are assessed.

Compared to long time Flavorlab show Wild ‘N Out, the Singled Out mix felt standard. The engineers have a firm grasp on balancing microphones on hosts and contestants and expanding the existing crowd environment. The sound design is phone-centric, complimenting the soft bells and clicks of mobile sounds as the hosts work through the games. This show conforms to the same standard of all Quibi content: it has to be 10 minutes or less. Our engineers found the 8 minute length lent itself to the flow of the show.


The team successfully completed the series before NYC shelter-in-place orders with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The show has been well received by fans of short and long form dating series, as well as those just look for a fun and bingeable escape during this time of increased streaming.

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