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Flavorlab 2021 Year In Review

Wishing you a happy 2022 as we break down our work in 2021!

It’s been a pivotal year here at Flavorlab. After many remote voice over sessions, countless review notes, and a bevy of playlist links, we’re coming off our first full year entirely remote. We’re also wrapping up one of our most successful. Our team has expanded, basking in the all too familiar glow of our ProTools sessions with a few more faces in a few more cities. Take a look at each project our Sound, Score, and Toolbox teams took on this year! We break it down by medium below:


Overall, our team contributed to 135 shows. In total, that’s 460 episodes and over 160 hours in runtime.

Flavorlab Sound worked with 15 networks on 37 series or specials. This resulted in 247 episodes of television and over 140 hours in runtime. As in years past, we worked predominantly in unscripted TV. Improv and talk comedy shows such as Wild ‘N Out and Tha God’s Honest Truth, and a number of limited series for the History Channel, made up some of our more regular projects in 2021.

Our Flavorlab Score & Producer’s Toolbox teams provided music for 38 networks and 100 shows. This totalled 226 episodes and over 22 hours in runtime. Like the sound team, our music teams mainly saw airplay in unscripted television. Reality shows like Catfish: The TV Show, documentary series like BET’s Boiling Point, and sports coverage on CBS Sports constituted many of our placements.


In 2021, the sounds of Flavorlab graced the silver screen (or more aptly, many a living room) in 15 films. We worked with longtime partners like Synthetic Cinema International and new production companies like Irrelevant Media alike. Our sound team mixed and edited roughly 18.5 hours of film. The genre breakdown of those projects is below. Our music teams saw placements in three films, joining the sound team on The Breakdown Parables and Oyate (release in 2022) on music supervision.

Ads, Promo, & PSA

In the short form, Flavorlab worked on 70 spots last year. This resulted in around 92 minutes of airtime. Projects were pretty evenly split between health, sports, professional services, and film & TV.

Some highlights include mixing promo for the UEFA Champions League and Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular, mixing artist spotlights for the VMAs, providing original music to promote season 2 of Side Hustle on Nickelodeon, and sound designing and mixing a number of COVID-19 PSAs.


Moving on to sound in its purest form, our team worked on 7 audio projects in 2021. This totalled around 23.5 hours in runtime. Flavorlab Score wrote original music for podcasts Adickted with Andy Dick and Michael Fenenbock’s Sinatra Matters. Our sound team mixed four podcast series including Adickted and The Trouble With Sex and audio book, The Christmas Pig by J.K. Rowling, exclusively on Audible.

Corporate/Live Events

Finally, organizations and businesses took conferencing online to a new level last year. Our sound team provided sound design, mix, and voice over for 27 events and internal campaigns. These programs were made up of a total of 109 videos and around 8.5 hours of runtime. By and large, content topics included informational sessions for healthcare and pharmaceuticals, initiatives for criminal justice reform, and programs for higher education.

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