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After Everything

 PROJECT: After Everything (2018)

Each year, the South by Southwest Film Festival brings together many talented & passionate creators and showcases hundreds of great feature films. This past year’s festival  featured two films which Flavorlab had the pleasure of working on. In this installment we  reflect back on the sound design work we contributed to one of those films, After Everything.

After Everything is a dark romantic comedy that revolves around the story of a young couple, played by Jeremy Allen White and Maika Monroe, whose budding relationship develops quickly while one suffers from a tragic illness.

After principal photography on the film was complete, Flavorlab was brought onto the project to provide a level of expertise and insight. Directors Hannah Marks and Joey Power worked closely with Flavorlab’s Head of Post Audio, Brian Quill to create and edit the underlying soundscape. Marks recalls, “They work so fast over there [at Flavorlab]. There were so many nuances of sound to consider and when all the elements came together it created a totally different feel. Brian spent a lot of time working on the dialogue, some of the on-set audio was full of static because there would be noise coming from an air conditioner, and he really cleaned it all up.”

The film is set to be released in theatres October 12th, 2018.