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Flavorlab ‘Gets Out There’ With Podcast Series

Get Out There Podcast


It’s no secret that the podcast is “in” right now. Recent advances in technology paired with shifting consumer tastes have elevated podcasts as a social, on-the-go medium. At Flavorlab, we’re constantly trying innovate and expand the way audio intersects content, so podcasts present the perfect opportunity. Accordingly, when Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins, co-founders of the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences (SOVAS), asked us to collaborate on their Voiceover podcast series, we were beyond excited.

SOVAS’s “Get Out There” is a fun, inspiring, and informative series featuring success stories and tips from top Voiceover artists and other industry professionals. The podcast demands a diverse set of audio skills, requiring a team effort across Flavorlabs’ multiple divisions. Joan and Rudy wanted the project to have a sonic identity, so Erik Blicker and Glenn Schloss of Flavorlab Score worked to create a theme, show package and ID to reflect the “positive, vibrant aesthetic of the hosts”. Glenn formulated the sonic ID by aggregating voices of many of the show’s guests (as well as his wife and kids) atop a bed of sound effects to produce a multilayered, cascading segment. 

 “Flavorlab’s monster sized creativity
brought all kinds of magic to the process.”

-Rudy Gaskins (SOVAS & Podcast Co-Founder)

The podcast’s lead engineer, Eric Stern of Flavorlab Sound, reflects on the challenge of live recording guests from other studios while based in New York City: “This process entails overcoming logistical and technical limitations in the technology used to record a high fidelity conversation over the Internet, such as inherent delay or the fact that the hosts and guests can’t see each other. By removing lag, adding room tone and editing strategically, we achieve an end result that sounds and feels like a natural flowing, face-to-face conversation.”

We sat down with Joan and Rudy to discuss the ongoing project and its impact. You can read the interview hereNew episodes of the podcast will be released bi-weekly through Backstage. Listen to episodes 1 -3 below.