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The Guild of Music Supervisors’ Awards

Ricky Holman at the 2019 Guild of Music Supervisors’ Awards

On February 13th, the music teams of trailer houses, feature films, advertisers, and everyone in between gathered to celebrate the 9th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors’ Awards. Among that group was Flavorlab’s Director of Licensing, Ricky Holman. In the last year, Producer’s Toolbox has supervised a number of projects from fashion ads to their first feature film.

“With much of supervision happening behind a computer, it’s really special when everyone can come together to honor the work that’s pushing the craft forward.”

Ricky Holman, Flavorlab’s Director of Licensing

Established in 2010, the Guild acts as a professional and educational resource for music supervision and related fields. Ultimately, their mission is to get music supervisors properly recognized for their work. Many of the Academy Awards don’t have a supervision category. The good news is the work is gaining notoriety. The Emmy’s added the award for Outstanding Music Supervision in 2017. This year, the Black Panther soundtrack was an Album Of The Year nominee at the Grammys. Music from A Start Is Born and The Greatest Showman took home Grammy wins. Supervisors are now eligible to win with Music Supervision for a Compilation Soundtrack.

“The awards are the big, flashy night, but the day-to-day of the Guild is really about advocacy.”

Joel C. High, Music Supervisor & Guild Board Member, in an interview in 2017.

“We’ve made a real effort to reach out to the Academy and say ‘We tell stories and our craft is helping to make music happen.” Joel continued, “We don’t create music. But we work with composers, we find songs, we execute the deals. At the core of it, we use music to bring emotion to an audience.”

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