Month: March 2016

Still of a basket on the beach from an Olay ad. Producer's Toolbox cleared music for the spot.


Kelly Covney Produced these spots for Saatchi. The great Ryan Hobler on vocals

Still from Berkshire Bank commercial. Flavorlab Score provided original music for the ad.

Berkshire Bank

Flavorlab Score provided original music for Cablevision on a regional advertising spot for Berkshire Bank.

Logo for the 2016 South By Southwest Music Film Interactive. Flavorlab Sound provided audio post production at two films in the festival: Jack Goes Home and Long Nights, Short Mornings.

Pushing Buttons at SXSW

What draws us into a movie so much that we cry, laugh and feel touched by what we are seeing? What about films gives us an experience so immersive that we share the emotions of the characters and escape our own lives to share in their own? Many aspects of the filmmaking craft are dedicated… Read more »

Logo for VICE on HBO. Producer's Toolbox provided blanket music licensing for the show.

Vice & Flavorlab Producer’s Toolbox Team Up

Poster for Vice on HBO Vice on HBO has used several from our exclusive music catalogue, Flavorlab Producer’s Toolbox. Some of the placements include: Aids Countdown to Zero, Savior Seeds, Fixing the System and Cold War 2.0 Listen to the playlist here. Join our mailing list! Name Email LEARN MORE CONTACT US