Month: December 2018

Sovas Inc.

The team at FlavorLab is brimming with expertise, creativity, energy and vibrancy. The work is always first and it’s always fun. When we took the idea for the GET OUT THERE Series Podcast to FlavorLab, we couldn’t have imagined the depth with which they would embrace the concept and apply themselves with a maniacal focus on bringing ti to life. If you’re they type of person who wants to enjoy your work, bring it to FlavorLab. I can’t say enough about what a great experience it’s been and I’m looking forward to more. M’mm, I might be spoiled.

Garnet Girl

” Experienced, dedicated professionals with a collaborative vibe. They treat every project with care and deliver amazing results. “ Garnet Girl – Lisa Black

Primalux Video

“If you are looking for music and a mix with taste, originality and emotion in a collaborative, creative setting then look no further, unless, you also want it on budget, on time, and like to hang out with, extraordinarily talented, friendly people. Ive been doing it for 15 years!” Jeff Schwartz – Primalux Video

Ian Bauer

” The team at Flavorlab is top notch!! From their creativity, friendly and knowledgeable musicians/producers to their state of the art equipment. I was blown away by their professionalim and their eagerness, they became part of our team producing our audio and music for our lastest campaign. I would highly recommend them for all your… Read more »

Anne Neczypor

” I’ve had wonderful experiences working with the team at Flavorlab. Brilliant composers, skilled editors & mixers. And such great vibes – love this studio. “ Anne Neczypor

Mark Brownstein

” The team at FLAVORLAB walked me through the BEST selection of background music for my video for my growing business. Always ready to go the extra mile with a creative, We can do it attitude. They are a team of best in class talent.” Mark Brownstein

Elena M. Schloss

Flavorlab did my mix and composed original music for my web series, The Mom List. I can’t say enough about the Flavorlab experience. Not only did they save the day when we came across some unexpected audio problems, but they also upleveled the comedic timing of my show with their original music score. Flavorlab was… Read more »

Joseph Sequenzia

” The guys at FLAVORLAB are just the BEST in the business. period. Always with a creative, collaborative, amazing attitude. They hit the note right every time. They have scored Pepsi, Virgin and P&G spots for me. They are simply the best there is -and in a class of their own. You guys rock! 🙂… Read more »

Lisa Larson-Kelley

” Glenn and the Flavorlab team saved the day and made us look like heroes to our client. They came through with the perfect music for our product video, in record time. I highly recommend them for their variety of music styles, creativity, deep talent, and awesome customer service. “ Lisa Larson-Kelley

Greg Babiuk

Talented, great attitude, and always ready to help on projects big or small. From the first time I worked with them more than 15 years ago I knew they were going to be my favorite music and audio house. Greg Babiuk