Month: November 2017

Still of 2 Chainz eating a donut leafed with gold. Flavorlab Score's Dennis Dembeck composed the theme music for the show and Flavorlab Sound provides sound design and mix for the series.

Most Expensivest

Flavorlab Sound and Flavorlab Score provided mix and the original theme song for Viceland’s Most Expensivest hosted by 2 Chainz.

Still of two people in front of a carousel from Lifetime TV remake of The Watcher In The Woods starring Anjelica Houston. Flavorlab Sound provided full service audio post for the film: sound design and mix.

The Watcher In The Woods

Flavorlab Sound provided audio post production: sound design and mix for Lifetime’s remake of 1980s cult classic, The Watcher In The Woods.

Still of a cartoon girl walking past multicolored news papers from commercial break, Gotta Get The News. Flavorlab Score composed original custom music for the break.

PBS Kids – Gotta Get The News

Flavorlab Score created a number of channel IDs for PBS Kids, including this upbeat, informative number called Gotta Get The News!

Shot of a racecar with Busch beer on it in front of some mountains for Heritage Road. Producer's Toolbox provided music licensing for the series.

Heritage Road

Flavorlab composed custom catalog tracks as well as sourced and licensed music for this NASCAR podcast.