Month: August 2017

Still of the cartoon cast of the Loud House. Flavorlab Score wrote the theme and promotion for the show on Nickelodeon.


Nickelodeon and Flavorlab’s trophy cabinets got a little more crowded after they took home a Promax Gold for the “Loud House” promotional short “The Loud Song,” featuring original music by the Flavorlab production team.

Still of a high school cheerleading team watching a girl being asked to prom from MTV's Promposal. Flavorlab Sound mixed the debut season of the show.

MTV’s Promposal

MTV successfully wrapped the first season of Promposal, capturing one over-the-top invitation after another. Flavorlab Sound provided mix for the series!

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Jack Goes Home

 TRAILER FOR JACK GOES HOME What draws us into a movie so much that we cry, laugh, and feel touched by what we are seeing. What about films gives us an experience so immersive that we share the emotions of the characters and escape our own lives to share in their own? Many aspects… Read more »