Month: January 2012

Overhead shot of a Lexus driving on an empty road in the desert. Flavorlab Sound provided audio post for this Lexus spot.

Lexus #TeamOne Campaign

Flavorlab Sound’s Brian Quill mixed Lexus’s #TeamOne campaign, released ahead of the London Summer Olympics in 2012.

Marion Barry, former mayor of DC, posing next to a poster for the documentary on his life: The Nice Lives of Marion Barry. Flavorlab provided original score and mix for the film.

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry is available on Amazon. The Nine Lives of Marion Barry premiered April 10th. Flavorlab Score‘s Erik Blicker and Glenn Schloss composed the documentary’s soundtrack. Brian Quill of Flavorlab Sound provided mix. The documentary follows the life of notorious D.C. mayor, Marion Barry. Hated by some as a poster boy… Read more »