Month: May 2016

Close up of Producer's Toolbox producer Byron Sampson.

Byron Sampson

Producer’s Toolbox composer, Byron Sampson B.Sampson, or Byron Lee Sampson, is a native of Philadelphia and New Jersey. “B” has been producing music in the pop and hip hop genres for over 10 years. Byron has worked with artists such as Lumidee, David Rush, Pitbull, Chad B, Ron Browz, Louise Chantal, and many more. Through… Read more »

Still of Greg Kinnear from Thin Ice staring at another man. Flavorlab Score composed original music for the film's trailer.

Thin Ice

Flavorlab Score & Producer’s Toolbox provided original score and music licensing for the trailer for Thin Ice, starring Greg Kinnear.

A still from The Perfect Family. Flavorlab Score provided custom scoring and Producer's Toolbox provided music licensing for the trailer.

The Perfect Family

Custom Score by Flavorlab Music and Music Catalog by the Producer’s Toolbox. Licensed Song From Flavorlab Records

Close up of Producer's Toolbox composer Josh Lattanzi.

Josh Lattanzi

Get familiar with the very talented Josh Lattanzi! Josh is a composer on Flavorlab’s exclusive music licensing catalog, Producer’s Toolbox!

Picture of Producer's Toolbox composer Silas Hite sitting in front of a piano holding a banjo.

Silas Hite

Producer’s Toolbox composer, Silas Hite Silas Hite is an Emmy-nominated composer and visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. His commercials scores have earned him a Cannes Gold Lion Award, a Grand Effie Award, and Adweek’s Spot of the Year. Crossing into the interactive, Silas has contributed to a number of top selling games, most… Read more »

Picture of Producer's Toolbox composer Gabe Pitaro leaning over his computer.

Gabe Pitaro

Producer’s Toolbox composer, Gabe Pitaro Gabriel Pitaro is a producer, composer, and mix engineer from Westchester, NY. Gabe began his music career playing saxophone in high school and participating in a variety of ensembles. From there, he took his passion for music a step further and dove into the world of production. With a strong… Read more »