Month: September 2016

Still from ESPN Sports Center. Flavorlab Score provided original custom scoring for the series.

ESPN Sports Center

Flavorlab Score delivered 3 album’s worth of modern rock tunes to ESPN, a custom sound library for use on its popular game highlights program, Sports Center.

Still from opening for CBS Sports. Flavorlab Score provided original music for the opener.

CBS Sports Football Every Day

Flavorlab Score provided a custom original scoring package for CBS Sports’ “Football Every Day” promo highlighting the network’s programming.

Still of crowd marching in documentary The Assassination of Doctor Tiller. Flavorlab Score provided original score for the film.

The Assassination of Dr. Tiller

Flavorlab Score & Producer’s Toolbox provided original score & licensing for 2010 documentary, The Assassination of Dr. Tiller, on MSNBC.

Still from Agua ad campaign featuring a woman standing in a grocery store with the words "el agua es la clave de nuestro futuro." Flavorlab Score provided original music to the ad campaign.

Agua Es Asunto De Todos

The whole Flavorlab team worked on California’s Agua Es Asunto De Todos campaign, with theme arranged by Erik Blicker.