Month: April 2016

Shot of Cablevision's top films. Flavorlab Sound was used as Cablevision's in-house audio post team.


Flavorlab Sound provides in-house audio post production work for Cablevision, such as this promo for the Optimum streaming app!

Still of balloons tied to a white mailbox from the Canon Vixia campaign. Flavorlab Score composed original music and Flavorlab Sound provided audio post for the ad.

Canon Vixia

Working in concert with Tangerine Films and Dentsu to create this fun spot for Canon

Still of a woman in a ponytail doing tai chi in front of a large window in a Florastor ad. Flavorlab Score provided original music for the spot.


Flavorlab Score provided original scoring with an upbeat, positive ukulele track for probiotic manufacturer, Florastor.

Still of a fishing boat docked on the water. Flavorlab Sound provided audio post for Arby's.


Flavorlab Sound provided full audio post production, sound design and mix, for Arby’s Truth About Fish ad campaign.

Headshot of Samuel Lee

Samuel Lee

Meet Producer’s Toolbox artist and New York City local, Samuel Lee, aka SammayOnTheBeat. Check out his tracks on our exclusive music catalog!

Headshot of Producer's Toolbox composer Nathaniel Smith.

Mister Nathaniel

Meet our multi-talented Producer’s Toolbox composer Nathaniel Smith, also known by his electronic producer persona, Mister Nathaniel!

Headshot of Flavorlab Records artist Jesse Northey

Jesse Northey

Flavorlab Records artist, Jesse Northey There’s something both fresh and familiar about Jesse Northey’s compositions. String sections add warmth to relentless guitar riffs. Emotional lyrics and personal anecdotes sit on beds of complex and intriguing harmonies. He produces sounds both inviting and intriguing to the ear. Northey speaks of the “inherent contrast of the world”… Read more »

Headshot of Producer's Toolbox composer, Jarrod Pedone.

Jarrod Pedone

This month we shine the spotlight on Jarrod Pedone, a composer on the roster for our exclusive music catalog, Producer’s Toolbox.

Black and white photo of Producer's Toolbox composer Dan Villalobos sitting in a plaid shirt.

Dan Villalobos

Producer’s Toolbox composer, Daniel Villalobos Daniel Villalobos’s pulsing, intricate electronica has travelled far and wide. The composer and producer is based in the UK, born and raised in Mexico. Villalobos began composing in his early teens. Eager to expand his knowledge into recording, he started work as an assistant engineer to Laurence Eaves (Lovvers, Beirut)…. Read more »

Headshot of Producer's Toolbox composer, Brandon Marchant.

Brandon Marchant

Producer’s Toolbox composer, Brandon Marchant Brandon Marchant is a self-described “musical chameleon” based in the UK. So far, his work for Producer’s Toolbox proves it! The composer has been a professional musician over twenty years. He writes or films, ads, television, video games, and podcasts. Founder of recording studio, Resonant Frequency, he works with a… Read more »