Flavorlab and Helen Whitney Productions Team Up

January 28, 2012

“Brian has perfect pitch for sound levels between dialogue and music, remarkable creativity with sound design, an unusual respect for the power of silence, a fierce intellect that allows him to ‘get’ the content of the film and exceptional mastery of all the technical skills required to execute his vision of what each scene requires,” says Whitney. “Sitting with him during a session, watching him ‘ride’ the controls at breathtaking speed and efficiency was pure pleasure.” -Helen Whitney

Vox2 for Artists

January 27, 2012

Vox2 for Artists The Vox2 service for artists is all about making you sound as good as possible. Level, compression and EQ are dialed in perfectly, giving your sound an edge over your competition. In the current times of laptops and tiny computer speakers Vox2 for Artists gives you the advantage you need to stand… Read more »

Vox2 for Broadcasters

Vox2 for Broadcasters The Vox2 service for broadcasters is focused on saving broadcasters money. In the changing sonic landscape of broadcast television, broadcasters need an edge that allows their content to dynamically stand up to content mixed in expensive studios. Vox2 provides that edge at a fraction of the cost. The concept is simple, send… Read more »