All the characters in animated Nickelodeon show, Loud House

Flavorlab’s Loud Song for Nickelodeon Wins Promax Gold

July 26, 2017

Flavorlab and Nickelodeon Win Promax Gold for The Loud Song Nick International and Flavorlab’s trophy cabinets recently got a little more crowded. The team took home a ProMax Gold, and Cynopsis Kids Imagination Gold for the Loud House promotional short. The promo features original music by the Flavorlab Score. “[Nickelodeon’s] Simone Smith came to us… Read more »

Picture of former Flavorlab audio engineer and studio director, Catherine Anderson, on the behind the scenes of comedy series Swapped.

SWAPPED: Behind the Scenes with Flavorlab

June 24, 2016

Behind the scenes on Swapped Flavorlab recently mixed the first installment of SWAPPED. The show a powerful new project from comedian and producer Dani Faith Leonard. It re-makes classic movie scenes with the genders reversed. First up is the iconic business card scene from American Psycho. We chatted with Catherine Anderson, Flavorlab Audio Engineer and Studio Director,… Read more »

History Channel's Titanic. Flavorlab Sound created sound design for a series of promos for the series.

History Channel Titanic

April 21, 2016

Flavorlab Sound created original sound design and effects for the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic on History.

Still of two men on a bench in House Call To The Homeless. Flavorlab Score provided original music for the documentary.

House Calls To The Homeless

April 20, 2016

Flavorlab Score and Flavorlab Sound provided original score and mix to documentary Give Me A Shot of Anything on healthcare for the homeless.

Logo for the 2016 South By Southwest Music Film Interactive. Flavorlab Sound provided audio post production at two films in the festival: Jack Goes Home and Long Nights, Short Mornings.

Flavorlab Sound Sends Two Films to SXSW

March 10, 2016

Official Poster for SXSW Music Film Interactive 2016 What draws us into a movie so much that we cry, laugh and feel touched by what we are seeing? What about films gives us an experience so immersive that we share the emotions of the characters? Many aspects of the filmmaking craft are dedicated to this… Read more »

Flavorlab was featured in post magazine. Everything monitored in Brian's studio utilizes Genelec speakers.

Flavorlab Featured In Post Magazine

June 11, 2014

Post Magazine featured Flavorlab’s head of post, Brian Quill, in their February 2014 issue to talk mixing movies & his Genelec setup.

Marion Barry, former mayor of DC, posing next to a poster for the documentary on his life: The Nice Lives of Marion Barry. Flavorlab provided original score and mix for the film.

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry

January 28, 2012

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry is available on Amazon. The Nine Lives of Marion Barry premiered April 10th. Flavorlab Score‘s Erik Blicker and Glenn Schloss composed the documentary’s soundtrack. Brian Quill of Flavorlab Sound provided mix. The documentary follows the life of notorious D.C. mayor, Marion Barry. Hated by some as a poster boy… Read more »